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Hear For You Mobile Audiology

Meet Cathy McDermott

Board Certified Specialist

Hi! I'm Cathy McDermott. I'm from Newburgh, New York and now live in Palm Coast Florida. I attended the University of Florida where I resided for 15 years and owned/operated my own hearing center.
While attending higher education, my nephew was born with a Cleft palate, resulting in conductive hearing loss and that is where my love of this industry came into play.
Hearing loss can affect every aspect of your life. I provide hearing tests in the comfort of your home, or my office located in Flagler Beach, Florida. Different acoustic settings change how we hear. I am committed to find an affordable hearing device for your specific needs or I back that with my moneyback guarantee.
Perform hearing testing, hearing aid selection, and fitting to all clinic clients while working within the defined systems, processes, and best practices as defined by Total Care Plus (TCP) and WSA leadership.
Perform demonstration of hearing aids when appropriate as part of test and personalize auditory simulation to create the wow factor on all clients that have a hearing loss.
Evaluates test results to determine communication deficit and makes appropriate recommendation for all clients with a hearing loss.
Utilizes hearing aid stock for same day fits of hearing aid instruments and trials all clients that are undecided. Maintain 80% same day fit/trial rate
Comply with state license laws, FDA guidelines, WSA and Total Care Plus practice guidelines and QPG protocols.
Provides remote services to clients as needed.
Performs and provides hearing aid repairs, follow-up, checks, cleanings, earmolds and ALD accessories as needed by the client.
Provides community marketing support via physician marketing, health fairs, etc.
As advanced as hearing care is today, I am dedicated to making it even better. I have a passion for innovation and I'm committed to applying it to help make wonderful sound part of everyone's life. There is nothing more rewarding to me than seeing someone regain the miracle of hearing and watching them thrive.

Memberships and Affiliations

Florida Society of Hearing Healthcare Professionals

The Florida Society of Hearing Healthcare Professionals is organized to promote uniform good will and education among all hearing aid dispensers in the State of Florida, thereby bringing the state of the art to its highest possible level.

International Hearing Society

The International Hearing Society is a professional membership organization established in 1951 that represents hearing healthcare providers.



Ms. McDermott's qualifications as a professional in her field are beyond reproach. Her individualized service further facilitates her clients experience in adjusting to an otherwise challenging set of circumstances.

Cathy is patient, friendly and compassionate in helping with her clients uncertainties, which in turn puts them at ease and believing she is there for them every step of the way.

Suzanne Y.

I want to post a thank you to Cathy McDermott, hearing specialist, for helping me to hear all the things I have been missing.

I was hesitant for such a long time about getting hearing aids, as many people are. Now the television can be at a reasonable volume, restaurant noises are less irritating and I can hear my cat purring. If you need help with your hearing, call Cathy. Prices are good and the service is exceptional.

Larry K.

Daytona Beach

Cathy has been working with me for 3+ years now. Her exceptional service and attention to detail is always outstanding.

She has resolved my hearing issues with top notch service and quality hearing aids since we met. If you want a hearing aid technician that truly cares I highly recommend her.

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